The 30 Day Fit Challenge Workout Videos

Workout Plan

Below you will find the 30 Day Fit Challenge workout plan videos.

Almost all exercises can be done with either a barbell or dumbbells.  It is up to you, but if you are just starting out, dumbbells will make most exercises easier to get the hang of.

Workout Plan


Workout 1:



Romanian Deadlift


Lunges (can be done with dumbbells):

Shoulder Press:


Lateral Raises:


Plank Hold:



Workout 2:



Dumbbell Rows


Lat Pulldown:


Bicep Curls:


Barbell Curls:


Hanging Ab Raises:



Workout 3:

Chest Press:


Incline Press:


Tricep Extensions


Tricep Pushdowns:


Calf Raises:


Bicycle Crunch: