6 Proven Metabolism Boosting Foods



Metabolism is an umbrella term used to describe a two-stage process involving catabolism (breaking down of molecules) and anabolism (synthesis of compounds) [1]. A living organism is reliant upon this process for its health and well-being.

Once food is consumed, this process kicks into high gear.

Studies have shown nutrition to be the number one cause for poor metabolism in humans [1]. There are millions of people who struggle with this problem and refuse to make changes.

What kind of changes can be made to help speed up your metabolism?

Well, an easy place to start is by adding some proven metabolism boosting foods to your diet.  Here are six, well-researched foods you should include in your diet plan effective immediately…

1) Protein


Adding protein to one’s diet is helpful as a metabolism booster. The reason for this involves a “thermic effect” where the body expends more energy processing protein than other nutrients [2].

Therefore, foods high in protein are an excellent addition to your diet and will help.

Lean meats, eggs and protein powder fits into this mold. They provide a good amount of protein per serving and will help speeds things along.

Some of good choices for meat are chicken, turkey, pork (loin), and lean cuts of beef.

Look to mix and match these food items. An excessive amount of protein takes away from a balanced diet and is not the purpose of this recommendation. For those that struggle to eat enough protein or just want to add some extra protein into thier diet, a health, quality protein powder is a great choice.

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2) Chili Peppers



Chili peppers are another great metabolism boosting option. They are high in capsaicin and vitamin C.

Research has shown capsaicin has a profound impact on the body in boosting metabolism[3]. What is the reason for the body reacting well to the inclusion of capsaicin?

The reason is the body has a natural set of “fight or flight” hormones including adrenaline, dopamine, and norepinephrine. It pushes the body into high gear (i.e. racing heart, quick movement of fat for muscle use) and in turn increases one’s basal metabolic rate [3].

It is a potent chemical compound and one that is heavily researched in the world of nutrition. The natural hesitation with chili peppers is the spiciness of the item, and that is indeed a concern for some. However, the “pain” felt while chili peppers are being consumed should not be confused with pain at a dietary level.

Chili peppers are great for the human body and are nutritious.

Including chili peppers into your diet is highly recommended. A small serving will boost one’s metabolism and take it to a level that has never been seen before. Many people cite this as a reason for why chili peppers are a must in their diet and something everyone should be looking at as soon as they can.

3) Green Tea


Let’s move onto a beverage because something has to be used to wash down the foods being consumed. Which beverage should one go with?

Green tea is a well-respected metabolism booster for those who want meaningful results.

Why is green tea such an excellent option according to nutritionists? It has to do with the catechin that is included in the composition of green tea.

Research has shown catechin promotes higher metabolism in the body. It can oxidize fat and helps the production of energy as well. This, in turn, has an impact on how the body reacts to food being consumed [4]. For those who are looking to get a nice beverage in during the day, it is nice to look at green tea.

It should also be noted that green tea is packed with antioxidants which help remove toxins from the body and cleanse. A cup in the morning will do wonders.

4) Whole Grains


Let’s move onto another category. Whole grains are another great food item for those who are hoping to push their metabolism to new heights.

Oatmeal and brown rice head the list for those who want to add this to their dietary plan.

What is the reason for whole grains being a proven option for those who want to enhance their metabolism? Thermogenesis or the “thermic effect” is the reason. Just like the other foods on this list, it can speed up the use of fat and energy in the body. A study done on the topic indicated a 50% increase in how many calories were burned by those who were consuming a higher amount of whole grains in the same amount of time compared to those who did not [5].

This is a substantial finding. Whole grains are a must and should be included in one’s diet as soon as possible.

5) Lentils


These are high in iron and are also an excellent exponent of thermogenesis. The body can race through more energy (i.e. lose additional calories) while consuming lentils than most other meals.

Brown, green, or red lentils all are just as good as each other when it comes to increasing a person’s metabolism.

It is vitamin B3 that is found in lentils, which can do wonders for the body and assist with the digestive system [6].

There are additional benefits associated with lentils. They are packed with potassium, which helps in keeping the body stable and counteracting high levels of sodium.

It is important to remember, the beauty of lentils is the flexibility they provide. Use it in various ways to maximize potential and see incredible results.

6) Milk


There is one thing milk remains known for, and that is calcium. However, most people don’t realize calcium is a potent booster for one’s metabolism as well.

The reason for calcium doing an excellent job involves its ability to reduce insulin spikes. When the body is stable and balanced with its insulin, a person’s metabolism increases [7].

The consistency of the insulin in one’s body is the biggest reason for milk being a viable option.

Bonus Item To Consider: Water


A neat bonus to include in this list would be water. Getting at least eight or ten glasses of water during the day is going to help process food and increase your metabolism.

The body requires water to function and remaining hydrated is going to keep things moving along in an orderly fashion.

Those who ignore water are harming themselves in the long-run. It is essential to start building a diet plan around the foundation of water. It will reduce acidity and remove toxins as well.

These are the top six metabolism boosting foods a person should be mulling over as soon as possible. It is easy to get lost in the details or fall for “fad diets”, but letting false facts and hype get in the way of a good diet is a shame and should be avoided.

These six staple foods should help build the foundation for any diet plan being set up. A person including these items in their diet is going to see a dramatic change in how they feel.

Make the change now and start moving away from processed sugars and other damaging foods that are only taking away from your metabolism.



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