Pro Nutrition Labs Releases Her Natural Pre-Workout Powder for Women


MADISON, WI, October 01, 2016 /24-7PressRelease/ — Pro Nutrition Labs, a provider of nutritional supplements, has released their new Her Natural Pre-Workout powder for women which delivers clean, smooth energy without the use of artificial sweeteners or harsh stimulants.

It is widely known that pre-workout powders are a great way to increase energy and stamina for workouts. Pro Nutrition Labs has taken it a step further by creating a pre-workout powder that combines research backed ingredients, no artificial sweeteners, no harsh stimulants and is specifically formulated for the needs of women.

“Most sports supplements on the market are sold to men and women. We do not believe a 120 pound woman should take the same supplement that a 210 pound man would take,” stated Kelly of Pro Nutrition Labs. “To solve this issue, we have created products that are specifically designed and dosed for the needs of women.”

Her Natural Pre-Workout was carefully formulated with 5 research backed ingredients to provide clean energy, decreased fatigue, and increased performance during workouts while aiding in recovery after workouts. In addition, there are no hidden ingredients or proprietary formulas.

One thing you will not find in Her Natural Pre-Workout is harsh stimulants. Many women have avoided pre-workout powders in the past as they can cause jitters, nausea or hot/cold sweats shortly after taking them. Pro Nutrition Labs has combated this not using any harsh stimulants often found in pre-workout powders like caffeine, DMAA, and yohimbine.

“Our pre-workout also does not contain creatine,” explains Kelly of Pro Nutrition Labs. “While women can certainly take creatine, it can lead to excess water retention and bloating. This is something most women would prefer to avoid so we do not include it in our formula.”

“We are extremely excited to launch our high quality pre-workout powder,” said Kelly of Pro Nutrition Labs. “There is a high demand for a pre-workout powder specifically designed and dosed for the needs of women that will give them with the smooth energy boost for their workouts. Plus, they will get that without having to put artificial ingredients or harsh stimulants into their body.”

Her Natural Pre-Workout powder can be purchased from Amazon:


Pro Nutrition Labs is a privately held health and wellness company dedicated to providing nutritional supplements that are made from the highest quality ingredients without the use of artificial sweeteners.

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